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Welcome to the last social shares shop you'll ever try.

Fully manual and content rich shares that will also get indexed. Yet, at a insanely low price

3 reasons why our real shares are amazing

And still cheap. But before finding out pricing, read below 😉


1. Fully manual & organic

All our shares are manually written, posted on real profiles. Our methods include thousands of different profiles.


2. Rich in content

We do not simply share the link on some automated private feed, like most. Each share includes contextual, unique content. (text, hashtags, image).


3. Indexing power

Because of our methods, each share gets indexed and has potential organic reach. This means permanent link power from healthy shares.


Social Mix

Real, manual and diversified social shares
$ 0,2 per
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Only real people on real profiles
  • Most include content

Facebook Post

"Blog post like" Facebook post on quality pages. 100% indexed.
$ 0,5 per
  • Quality Facebook Pages Posts
  • Include unique text (blog post like)
  • 100% Indexed

Shares sample

See below what our real shares be like

We have two type of social shares

Social Shares Mix

We will pay people from around the world to share your links with some added, relevant content and provide you a full report. Real, diversifies social shares from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

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Facebook Post

We create content rich shares across our quality Facebook properties which will not just be social signals, but will get indexed 100%

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Questions & Answers

Crazy but true, yes! You will get a report with all of your links, wheter they are 10 or 400. This way you can also share or like some of them 😉

We accept any YouTube video, website or link except Drugs, Adult and Casino. We like to keep a clean profile of the accounts we work with. Thank you for your understanding.

Our shares will surely get your links crawled, if indexed that is on Google. That being said we think these shares are great also for main sites and long term link building campaigns.

Need custom order? Contact us

We will make badass social media share campaigns according to your needs.